Safety Steering Team Introduces Challenge Coins

Branscome’s Safety Steering Team, made up of employees from all regions of the company, has been heading up the Goal Zero initiative as the company strives for zero incidents in the workplace.

In an effort to recognize those who have made a significant change in behavior with regards to safety or a significant contribution to our safety culture, the Safety Steering Team has decided to implement challenge coins as a way of increasing positive recognition. Based off of the idea from sister company Sully-Miller Contractors, the double-sided challenge coins feature the new slogan “Safety Time All The Time.” These coins will serve as a visual reward for employees.

Alvin Trotman the Director of Safety stated, “I think it will help drive people to some extent to maybe question what they’re doing. Maybe even take a closer look at what they’re doing before they do it to try and identify particular hazards associated that may have not been recognized before.”

What is the criteria for an opportunity to be awarded a Branscome Challenge Coin? In order to receive a challenge coin the employee must be an example of a significant change in behavior with regards to safety or have made a significant contribution to our safety culture.

  • Nominations by any employee for any employee can be reviewed in the weekly Operations Meeting on Thursday mornings. Nominations can be made through the “Let’s Talk” feature on the new Employee Portal.
  • Safety Steering Team members can make recommendations for the SST to vote on. Senior Leaders (Stuart Patterson, Kevin Jones, Olivier Bouzat, Doug Matthews, and Parker Mills) can recognize employees on the spot for exemplary conduct that advances our Safety Culture.
  • Recognition of employees should be done in front of their peers, by their supervisor, documented with a photo, and a paragraph stating the reason for the coin given. Recognition should be given in a timely, relevant, and sincere manner.
  • Employees that receive a Challenge Coin will be recognized in The Branscome Banner (quarterly newsletter) and on the Branscome website. This type of recognition is another positive step forward on our journey with the Branscome Goal Zero process.

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