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Drive through Virginia, and chances are you’ll drive on a Branscome Road.

A vertically integrated heavy highway and general contracting company, Branscome offers clients a full range of heavy construction services. By employing a fleet of over 1,000 pieces of construction equipment and utilizing our strategically placed asphalt, concrete, and aggregate facilities throughout Southeastern and Central Virginia, Branscome stands well equipped to handle any client’s infrastructure needs.


Branscome’s roots grow deep in our community. Since 1956, Branscome intentionally partners our seasoned professionals with our young talent, uniting experience and knowhow with fresh ideas and innovation. With Branscome’s experience, every project is a certain success.


Branscome strives for new and better ways to satisfy our customers, keeping us on the cutting edge of road construction technology. Our labs have the highest level of certification and work continuously with federal and state agencies to create new mix designs, especially those that increase the use of recycled materials. Since 2011, we’ve pioneered the market for “Fibermat,” a cheaper and longer lasting pavement preservation alternative. We custom manufacture the asphalt or concrete that will work best for every project.


Branscome finds pride in executing plans exactly as drafted, but our passion lies in finding ways to deliver unexpected value on projects. As soon as we receive the plans for a project, our team begins brainstorming ways to save our clients’ time, money, and resources. This attitude of innovation continues throughout the project, and Branscome is excited to present our clients solutions  to improve the job. Our business relationships are partnerships, and through communication and planning, we work closely with our clients to turn their ideas into a reality. Enthusiasm for this work is infectious.


Branscome’s vertical integration ensures that we are accountable for our work from crude aggregate to smoothed road, so there’s no excuse for imperfection. Our senior management oversees every step of each project to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our customers return time and time again, because Branscome is invested in the safety and success of every project. We aim for excellence, not quitting until we reach it.

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About Branscome

Branscome is one of the largest heavy highway and general contracting companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer our clients a full range of heavy construction services - from excavation and site work, to underground utilities, asphalt paving, ready-mix concrete, and materials supply.

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